Monday, March 25th, 2019
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Mission & Vision Of The EMHR

EMHR is a nonprofit membership organization bringing together partners and projects to revitalize local economies by protecting, enhancing, and telling the stories behind our historic places and downtowns, and our scenic vistas and pastoral landscapes, and by developing outstanding outdoor recreation destinations in Bradford, Susquehanna, Sullivan, and Wyoming Counties.

Boy on Table Rock
Laceyville, PA from Table Rock
Collection of Julian A. Campbell

Courtesy Sayre Historical Society River Towns Along
the Susquehanna River

This mission is realized through the research, protection, enhancement, preservation and promotion of the rural heritage, culture, recreation, economy, history and landscape for the benefit of people, property and entities with an interest in the Endless Mountains region.

The Endless Mountains Heritage Region communities and local businesses are thriving from heritage tourism and outdoor recreation, drawing visitors of all ages who appreciate the Region's stories, agricultural and natural landscapes, historic and scenic roads, outstanding land and water trails, state parks and game lands, charming historic downtowns, and year-round heritage attractions and events..

In addition, the Steering Committee of the EMHR Management Action Plan laid out the following Vision Statement:
In the year 2020, the Endless Mountains region is a haven for the spirit. It is a place where we enjoy peace, quiet, and safety, and the thousand stars of the night sky.  We live in harmony with our natural and cultural heritage, enjoying a beautiful countryside and healthy settlements that reflect our history.  We are a rural community that works together to ensure that all who live, visit, and invest here appreciate our respect for the land as a source of prosperity and community tradition.  In accommodating the needs of future generations, we seek to foster the entrepreneurial spirit, personal independence, and community values that are part of our heritage.  We achieved this vision by purposeful hard work, encouraging and helping each other, and understanding, respecting, and communicating what we have set out to become.
Endless Mountains Heritage Region
Vision Statement 1997